The front of the Elizabeth Sander Studio & Gallery

About the Artist

Elizabeth Sander at Skinner's Bluff

Elizabeth began producing her art professionally in 1989. Working in Peter Snyder’s Waterloo art gallery she received mentorship and encouragement from this established Canadian artist. He inspired and challenged her to turn her hobby into a profession.

In the early days she painted in the morning – early every morning - before her busy household was awake and before she left home for her paid employment in Snyder’s gallery. Many weekends she would escape to the cottage (Big Bay, Ontario), with only the family dog for company, and paint all weekend uninterrupted. Elizabeth has said, “It was the only way to prioritize my art and ensure there was time for the creative process.” Her work during this period was inspired, highly energized, and prolific. It wasn’t long before she opened her own studio and gallery in Waterloo in addition to holding annual solo shows.

Oil is Elizabeth’s primary medium of choice, although you can find examples of her work in watercolour or pen and ink. Elizabeth says, “I enjoy a variety of subject matter but usually focus on landscape and nature. I also love flowers and getting a hummingbird’s eye view and focusing close up on the amazing elements in nature.” Additionally, a current series of “Tiny Teacups” is featured and visitors to the gallery can find other examples of still life images. These are recognizable scenes that reveal a study of light, shape, shadow, colour, or reflective work. Elizabeth delights in creating the illusion of three dimensions conveyed in two. Due the diversity of subjects and the large body of work available to view in the gallery, visitors often ask if there is more than one artist’s work on display.

Elizabeth has completed many commission pieces over the years that often include people, animals, or landscapes that are emotionally important to her customers. All through her career Elizabeth has immortalized children, family members, pets, cottages, and homes for people.

Elizabeth Sander at the Lionshead on the Bruce Trail
Elizabeth Sander at the Bruce Trailhead

Life long travel has given Elizabeth an evolving perspective on being Canadian and Canadian landscape. In addition to visiting every Province, she has visited many countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Her most recent trips have taken her to Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the United States. Naturally, there is a body of work inspired by these sojourns available in the gallery.

A notable exhibition at the Homer Watson Gallery in Kitchener featured paintings from the Bruce Trail. The collection was called “The Bruce Trail: An Intimate Journey” and provided images and insight into her own journey as she hiked the entire trail end to end. It was important to Elizabeth that the research for this series was done on foot as she wanted an authentic experience on the trail to inform her creative work. The hike itself took several days each week over the summers of 1995 and 1996. Her love of the Bruce Trail has continued and, as she lives very near the Grey and Bruce sections, she continues to add to this body of work annually.

Elizabeth Sander at Skinner's Bluff

In 1995 Elizabeth relocated to the Georgian Bluffs area, a kind of moving home, after having first moved to the region in 1977. “I’ve had a toe-hold up here in the form of cabin or cottage since we moved away to Kitchener/Waterloo in the 80’s.” She has continued to show her art in various galleries and was a member of the “Artists Around the Sound” group. She maintains a studio and gallery at her home in Georgian Bluffs, between East Linton and Kemble, where she welcomes visitors by appointment or chance.